Convista Poland’s DNA as seen by the CEO

Convista Poland Employee

Wioleta Patkowska, HR Manager: Who is the Convista Poland employee?

Paweł Midoń, CEO: It is a person who will stay with us for longer. It is an expert in their field, as we provide services for major clients and implement complex projects. It is an independent person, capable of working without processes. If they do not know something, they know how to learn it. If they have an idea, they will sell it to the client and the team. It is someone who will appreciate the freedom that we offer. Someone who will understand that, at times, freedom results in chaos. We are looking for people who like what they do and do not need to be incentivized to work. They are supposed to be open-minded and tolerant, because the country of origin does not matter when establishing a team. I am often told that our employees are friendly, and it is also important!

Desired Talents

HR: What kind of people would you like to attract?

CEO: I want to employ curious people who are not afraid of change. The world is changing rapidly, and people are often change-averse. We want them to be interested in what is happening in the world, in the market, and in the field of business practice. To undergo change is one thing, but it is not equivalent to benefiting from it. We need people who can accompany us in change and support the process of change.

What is more, I am looking for people who have enough courage to stand at the helm. In my opinion, if you do not want to be controlled, you have to be the one in control. I do not like it when people merely comment on a situation from distance, without actually getting involved.

Thirdly, I would like to use the language of values and solutions. If somebody wants to change a role or a project, I expect them to offer something in return. Let’s look for win-win solutions that benefit both sides of the relationship. Whenever we talk about an investment, it should always reward both participants.

And last, but not least – LEADERS! They exert a huge influence on the company. The level of employees’ satisfaction with work varies depending on what kind of a leader they cooperate with. The ideal leader serves as a role-model whom people instinctively follow. Once you have earned your reputation as a specialist, you become a leader.

Scaling Challenges

HR: When a company grows, it is difficult to maintain its light structure. How do you intend to achieve this goal?

CEO: Although we are an international company, we enjoy a lot of liberty when defining our culture. Instead of copy-pasting the processes that are developed within the group, we test whether they can be effectively implemented in our organisation. Not all of our processes and procedures are pre-defined. Whenever our employees inform us of problems, we sit down together and think about a solution.

We are not sticklers for acting in strict compliance with the rules. We are not afraid of choosing value over profitability.

Convista's Core

HR: So, what is Convista Poland’s DNA?

CEO: What I know for sure is that it has remained unchanged for the last decade. Willing to understand what has motivated them to join us and stay with us for longer, I always invite new hires to a meeting. They usually have a fresh perspective and offer the best insight. I think that their statements truly reflect Convista Poland’s DNA.

And they always highlight the availability of assistance and our culture of open doors. Even as we grow and fail to catch up with changes, we never ignore new ideas and needs. There is always someone, be it a colleague, a manager, or myself, who acts up on suggestions. No problem is trivial. We need to bear that in mind, if we want to create a friendly working environment.

Whenever our employee faces a challenge, it becomes our burden, too. We want to be attentive. When one of our employees struggled with a problem in their private life, their leader suggested a few ways in which we were ready to help them, and kept supporting them for weeks.

The atmosphere in our office is truly relaxed, so we do not need to pretend that we are cooler than we are. We are in a good stage of our development, because with 100 people working in 3 offices everyone knows each other.

We like to have fun. By the end of this year we will have organized 6 events. Our relationship with each other does not end when we leave the office, as sometimes our lives are interconnected. Many employees prefer to stay in office after work, ordering pizza, drinking wine and playing board games.

Written by
Paweł Midoń

Pawel brings 25 years of expertise in IT and technology consulting for the financial services sector, where he has been instrumental in shaping both technology and product strategies. His leadership has successfully driven large-scale technology and IT transformation programs, earning him high regard among executives in technology divisions across financial services companies in Europe.

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